Spelling Homework - Story Challenge - W/B 16th May

Date: 1st May 2016 @ 10:05pm

Time for a new Story Challenge!  Can you create a story and include all these words?  Don't forget to write your story as a comment on this blog.  Don't start your own blog!  This week's homophones are:

plain/plane,    rain/rein/reign,     scene/seen,      weather/whether,        whose/who’s

Lewis Gilmartin wrote:

There once lived a man and his wife they both loved rain on a plane whilst the queen was starting her reign over the UK. The man turned into god and created a plain and a horse and a rein . But it was all just a scene in a play. He had seen titanic before but he was not sure whether if the boats front of the boat sank first or last. Whose muddle ups were tricky. "Who's running around," The end

Hattie😉😉😉 wrote:

I went on a plane and on the plane I had a bottle of plain water it was very nice.l looked outside and I seen the weather it was pouring down from the sky with rain.Whether it was raining or sunny it was going to be a lovely holiday.The scene was beautiful.Then I heard my mum speaking so I asked her who's this and she said it is just someone I know.Then I asked my dad whose going to take the heavy suitcase? He said he will.One of the nights were there we went on a carriage and I got to hold the rein for the horse.The next day we learnt who would reign after the Queen.It was a great holiday.

Dizzy wrote:

Cool that sounds fun!!!

Freya wrote:


Isobel Giles wrote:


freya wrote:

Last year,in July i went on a plane to the african plains but nearly every day it rained although it was quite a scene.After that,bad weather we went to the swimming pool but whilst we were driving we had just seen the person who's hair was pink and after we got back we looked up who it was and it turned out it was the person who reigned africa!The day after the last one my baby sister ran away so we had to buy her a rein.I love holidays.

Lina Khorshid wrote wrote:

WOW really good.

Katie wrote:

One day I saw a scene that I had seen with terrible weather and a plain plane
who's was a necessary reign.It was raining whether it was hot or cold whose
it was I don't know and it had a dog on with a rein (a strap.)

Izzy wrote:

I saw a plain plane at the scene that someone had seen the queen who had reigned for 66 years. On that same day I saw rain and a horses rein. Someone asked me whether I wanted to go even though the weather was horrible. Then someone else said "Who's is that hat."
I said "It's the Queens!"
He said "Whose?"
I shouted "The Queens!"
3 Hours later...
"Here you are your Majesty!"
"Thank you!"
The End

Daisy wrote:

Today I filmed a scene in the rain about a queen whose reign lasted for 50 years. The queen was only ever seen travelling by plane whatever the weather was. Whether she was travelling in England or far away. One day, she found a small child on her plane, wearing a plain top and carrying reins. "Who's this child? she asked. But no one knew!

Grace wrote:

Let me set the scene, It was a Monday morning. The weather was strange.
It wasn't like anything I had seen. I wasn't sure whether it would be sunny or rain. I decided to take a plane, which was decorated very plain. To London town to celebrate the queen who's had a 64yr reign. The day was fun- The best bit was the soldier whose horse ran off, and his foot was stuck in the rein.

Lina Khorshid wrote wrote:

that was great Grace . I really liked your story.

Lilia - Grace wrote:

Once there were two girls called Beth and Delphie. They had a plain wooden chair, but it was magical. Nobody knew it was magical apart from Beth and Delphie. The chair had reins attached to two magical silvery horses.

Unfortunately one of the horses was ill, so Delphie and Beth took it to the land of horse’s hospital. When they arrived it was the most beautiful scene. They weren't sure whether they had come to the right place because the horses were galloping around as it was nice weather.

The vet looked at the poorly horse and said he had never seen such a swollen hoof. He explained it was a stone in the horses hoof. The vet was able to remove the stone and gave the girls a special cream. “Who’s going to look after this ointment for your horse?” he asked. Delphie took the cream. "Did you know that if animals can’t be treated any more they are sent off in a plane to heaven? Your horse has been very lucky,” said the vet.

As they set off for home, it started to rain. Beth asked Emily, “Shall we watch the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations when we get home?”
Emily said, “Okay. How long do you think the queen’s reign has been?”
Beth answered, “I don’t know”.
“Whose turn is it to hold the reins?” asked Emily.
"Mine" replied Beth

Mrs Mabbott wrote:

I really enjoyed your story and was very relieved to find out the horse was OK!

Daisy wrote:

Wow Lilia!!!!!
Your story is very long and it is very good.
I liked the speech and sentence starters.

Lina Khorshid wrote:

There once was a lady who's name was Elizabeth she took reign over England. One day in stormy weather when it was raining the queen went on a plain when she was on the plain she had seen the sea she didn't know whether it was the red sea or the mediterranean sea. It was also her birthday and she had a big plane cake for a second she didn't know whose cake it was. THE END

Mrs Mabbott wrote:

Great stories everyone. Well done Lewis for being first to submit a story. What does everyone think of them?

Daniel Williams wrote:

They're REALLY good!!

Jake lloyd wrote:

They are really good stories

Mrs Harrop wrote:

I am really impressed. Keep up the great work

Jake Lloyd wrote:

once a upon a time ,in a dark wood lived a little old woman , the weather was windy with some rain, the little old lady thought she seen a plane crash , She went to the scene of the crash to see who's plane it was and if any one was hurt , but when she got there it was plain to see no one was hurt and that the plane had landed in a big open field next to horse with a rein on . THE END

Arwa wrote:

I have seen a funny-looking scene and in that scene I seen a plane flying across the plain blue sky . Suddenly the king died. His reign was over so the new queen had to take over.After a while the sun turned into rain. The weather was bad then. The planes kept on crashing . Then a war started it was a very bad day.....

Daniel Williams wrote:

The Queen reigns over the UK but who’s going to rule the UK next? Whether it will be Prince Charles (whose waterproof rain trousers have been seen by the weather man!) or Prince William (last seen buying golden reins for his horse). Picture the scene, the princes fighting aboard the royal plane. Although it is plain to see that Prince Charles will be the next ruler.

Mrs Mabbott wrote:

Come on Year 4! Any more stories?

Charlie LS wrote:

A plane went to the coconut plains when its raining with a man with a horse and a rein while the queen reigns, whether the weather is good or bad, she will always have seen the scene of a clown who's running around like a hoolagon. But whose is that jacket?

Amelia wrote:

Last month I went to America on a plane. When I got in my hotel my room was very,very plain, so I went outside when it suddenly started to rain. I sighed but then the weather changed. It went sunny and was a beautiful scene but I didn't know whether I should go out or not? When I opened the door my dog ran away.The internet alert said it was last seen at the forest. When I went to look for her I found a coat'' Whose is this'' I said then I saw a person with my dog '' who's that''? I thought but luckily my dog ran to me.Then when I went to London I saw the queen who has had her reign for 65 years then I went home.THE END.

Mrs Mabbott wrote:

Great work Charlie and Amelia!

Louise Ew wrote:

Princess Beth went on a plane to see the queen to celebrate her long reign on the throne. She went on a white horse around Buckingham palace's ground but her hand slipped off the rein so she fell off and landed in the flower beds. I don't know anyone whose ever seen a scene like this. The next day she put in her plain white dress and checked the weather to see whether it was rain or sun then the queen got ready for the ball and said to Beth check the list to see who's coming.

Ruben wrote:

One day there lived a little boy called Oliver and he live with his mum and dad. once they went on a plane to forteventure and it was raining so bad they had to cancel the trip.So they had to go home and they wondered who had broken into they home and why there was so many plain bottles of water.They went into their back yard and they sore a scene going on.They said to each other "why are they doing a scene of docter who when the weather is realy realy bad?" THE END

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