Spelling Homework Challenge, Thursday 21st April

Date: 20th Apr 2016 @ 6:02pm

 Spelling Homework - Thursday 21st April 2016 - to be done by next Wednesday

This week, we thought you could try a blog writing challenge, using the homophone spellings you've been learning!

Who can include the most homophones in a short, funny story passage?  It doesn't have to be a complete story.

 To take on the challenge, write your story as a post on this Blog.  Don't start a new Blog! (If you can't see your homework on here, try the Pupil Blogs)

Remember to check the spelling!   Good luck and we look forward to reading your Blog Homework.

You may make positive comments about what other people have written.

Words for this week - hear/here, quiet/quite, see/sea, bare/bear, one/won, sun/son


Here's my passage: I didn't manage to keep to 50 words so just made it as short as I could!

A large, brown bear woke from hibernation to find his cave was bare of all furniture!  He couldn't  see a single chair here or there.  This made him so annoyed, he roared loudly and woke up his son who had been quiet but now let out one enormous yawn you could hear for miles!.  He picked up the post to find they had won a competition to have a holiday in the sun.  They were so excited to see the sea, they forgot about the furniture!

Freya wrote:

My son is a bear but i sware he is never bare.One day he was so quiet that i forget he was there.When i was out in the sun i just remembered i had left my son behind.But when i got home he , yes my son had won a scratch card.You could even hear yelling and screaming from miles away.But they would `nt let us go because i was bare!

Mrs Mabbott wrote:

That's quite a funny story Freya!

Mrs Harrop wrote:

Great story.

Katie wrote:

That was fantastic

Isobel Giles wrote:

Very nice and very enjoyable I could read it over and over again 😀

Mrs Harrop wrote:

Well done Mrs Mabbott. That is great

Arwa wrote:

A bare bear went to the shops and you could see he was quite bare . Then he went to see the sea and bought a cup of tea . The bare bear looked at the sea and thought it was a bit too quiet . So he jumped in and won one medal .And when he came out he was shining in the sun .The next day the bare bear thought he forgot his swimming suit but he actually forgot he was bare .

Mrs Mabbott wrote:

Well done Arwa. I felt sorry for the bare bear!

Mrs Harrop wrote:

Great ideas.

Freya wrote:


Mrs Mabbott wrote:

Remember - you need to post your homework as a reply on this Blog rather than start a blog of your own. April - I've copied your homework into my reply. What a great story! I also like the extra homophones you introduced. What does anyone else think?

April's Story:

A bare bear lost his hair so he went to talk to the hare,but the hare only spoke about when she won one of her football trophies.As the bare bear walked through the forest,he could hear something over here ."I can see the sea!" squeaked a mouse excitedly .But where is the bear's hair?

Grace wrote:

I love the start of your story April. Its all very funny.. x

Amelia wrote:

I love your story April.

Grace Hall wrote:

A quiet bear, went over the sea to go to the zoo to see what he could see and hear. The sun was shining, it was due to be quite a nice day. He had won one ticket and bought another to take his son who wanted to go bare. Quiet bear shouted come here you silly bear- we are off to the zoo - how about you?

Mrs Mabbott wrote:

You used lots of homophones in the first sentence, Grace. Very clever!

charotte wrote:

well done grace I loved reading your story it was fantastic .

Katie wrote:

There was a bare bear who had a son who loved the sun
but was very quiet who would always hear a noise by the
sea and he couldn't see.

Charlotte wrote:

The bare bear and his son sat quietly on the beach near the sea. Did you hear that noise son? asked Daddy bear. Look one lucky bear has won the sandcastle competition, can you see? Its quite a good crowd but the sun is shining i'm glad we came here !

Daisy wrote:

I can hear a peculiar sound. I think it is coming from over here! But it is quite quiet. I can see the sea. Do you think it's coming from there?
Wait! Is that a bare bear swimming in the sea with its son. Maybe they are trying to cool down from the sun. It looks like they are having a swimming race. I wonder which one won.

lilia wrote:

that is brilliant Daisy

Amelia Wild wrote:

Once upon a time a girl had a very annoying little brother. When she was trying to be quite quiet, all she could hear was him shouting "Amelia, come here!" In the summer he would run around by the sea with his toy bear, flashing his bare bum in the sun!

Mia wrote:

There was once a very quiet bear who's son won a trip to the sea. He liked to run bare in the sun, and have lots of fun. one could his laughter from here and see all the fun he had.

Lina Khorshid wrote wrote:

I see a bear that i cant bare staring at it all day .The next day i went to the beach and i could see the sea i could see a family with their dog and they were having so much fun. One day it was so quite that i could here the birds tweeting it was quit a day it was lovely. They're are quit a few days i love.

Aleks wrote wrote:

Once upon a time there was a girl which, had a really annoying brother. That when she was trying to do her homework.Her brother was drawring on her intresting, homework.Then when she when she got to school the sun was shining
it was so quiet she had seen her best friend.When I was older my son saw a bear when he was going camping. Whenmy son was coming from camping he toled me what hapened at school he won a race.

The funny story wrote:

Shomus's story:
A bare bear went to the beach with her friend and you can see she was quite bare.
Then she went to see the sea.The bare bear looked at the sun and thought it was too sunny.So she jumped in the ocean and won a gold medal.And when she came up the water the sun was shining at her.The next day the bare bear thought she forgot her swimming costume but she forgot she was bare

Lilia - Grace wrote:

Here on the beach, I can hear and see the blue, twinkling sea.Also the sun is shining in the distance.Someone's son won a bear for the best sandcastle.It is quiet now on the bare beach, but there one quite large seagull left perched on the sea front.

Lilia - Grace wrote:

Here on the beach, I can hear and see the blue, twinkling sea.Also the sun is shining in the distance.Someone's son won a bear for the best sandcastle.It is quiet now on the bare beach, but there one quite large seagull left perched on the sea front.

Daniel Williams wrote:

One day I could see a bare bear by the sea. He was quite quiet and his son won one medal in the sun. He could hear the person who gave him the medal saying “come here!” The End!

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