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Welcome to our Nursery.

The original Nursery building is now called 'Rainbows' and the new Nursery building is called 'Sunshines.' All the children are either doing full days, afternoon sessions or a mixture of sessions. In 'Rainbows'  Mrs Vicky Olsen will work with your children on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Catherine Barker on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. In 'Sunshines' Mrs. Nicola White will work with your children. Our team also includes Mrs Caryn Astbury, Mrs Christina Westwater and Mrs. Lisa Ellis. At present we have a student working with us called Miss. Sam Bagby, who will be with us until February half-term. 

On this page we will inform you of what your child is learning at school and give you suggestions for activities to do at home. We continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and if you want to know more about what your child will be learning, click on this link

Happy New year! 

A special welcome to our our new families.

We are spending time teaching the new children the rules and  routines of the session to keep them safe and happy. We are also  helping them to access the activities and equipment independently in each area of Nursery.

Our rules:-

To walk when they are inside 

To use quiet voices

To listen to the adults and each other

To be kind to each other - kind words and kind hands

To look after our toys and tidy away when we have finished

The children are rewarded with stickers and certificates when they do well.


We are encouraging your children to be as independent as possible. It would be really helpful if you could practice the following skills at home with your child - putting their own coat on, taking their shoes off and putting them back on again, washing their hands, independence when using the toilet,  and pouring thier own drink. This will then give the staff more time to work and play with your children.

Our stories for this half-term are 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' , 'The Train Ride', 'I went to school this morning' and a non-fiction book ' Firefighters'. Lots of our activities both inside and out are based on these stories.

We are doing lots of work this half-term based around the topic of 'People who help us.' We are looking at our own families, school staff and jobs such as doctors and lollipop person and how they help us. If you have not already brought a recent family photograph in can you please send one in with your child.

Could we please request if you have any dressing up clothes and resources that are of different cultures that the children could play with in Nursery we would be very grateful. This could be things such as a traditional dress, hats, food implements, toys, photographs etc 

It would be really helpful if your child could bring a named bag to school so they can take home a book to share and also to put in any letters or pictures/models they have made. Some children are really struggling to carry everything on their way out. At the school office you can buy a school book bag which is ideal for this job and they can use later on in school.

Please remember to label your child's coat, drink bottle, shoes, wellies and book bag.

Remember if you are late, please come to the main door at the 'Sunshines' building including children from the 'Rainbows' Nursery. However please try to arrive on time at 9 a.m. so that the session is not interrupted for the staff and so your child can start the session from the beginning. There may be building work going to take place shortly between the two Nursery buildings so it will be more difficult to take your child to the 'Rainbows' Nursery as we will have to go via the playground.

If you have any spare clothes that you would like to donate to the Nursery that would be very much appreciated.

Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions .

Thank you

Nursery staff










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