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Welcome to Sunshine and Rainbow Nurseries.

If using a laptop/ computer, pages on this website can be translated into a wide range of languages by clicking on the globe icon at the top right of the page.


   Nursery remote home learning.


At this stage in your child’s learning our main focus for their development is –

Communication and Language (Listening, understanding & speaking.)

Personal, Social & Emotional (Self-confidence, managing feelings and behaviour & making relationships)

Physical – Moving & health/self-care

Therefore we will try to support you and your child in continuing to build on these while staying at home.


Everyday activities:

Play is the most important activity for your child, now more than ever. Make up stories with action figures, play characters, build castles etc  Joining alongside your child in their play will show you value it too.           

Reading at home

We ask that your child reads a story with an adult every day to develop vocabulary, grammar and comprehensions skills. Chat about the story and ask lots of questions to check your child understands what is happening

 If you need more stories to share together there are lots of online stories to read together at as well as advice on how to support your child. Find out more here:


For children of this age the activities we have planned below are no more than 15 minutes long and are as playful and interactive as possible. The daily learning sessions will be based upon an online story or a video (to give you 5 minutes to prepare/get a cup of tea), and a follow up activity. Don’t forget to send us updates of what you have been doing at home to the

Not only is it great to see what you are doing but it will help us to see what children are showing interest in, and we can incorporate this into the home learning. 

Your child’s teachers will lead Zoom sessions in the week and the links will be emailed to you. We love to include lots of songs and games to encourage the children to join in with the session in a natural, fun way.


Home learning wc 1st March 2021

This week can you have a try at learning the chorus of the song ‘Lets build a world’ We are going to sing it online together with lots of other children on 23 April so we need to have lots of practices so we can join in the fun!


Monday  Let’s make sounds with our bodies and learn about ‘t’!

Can you join in with our body percussion song ‘Can’t stop the feeling’? At the very start it shows you the symbols for the sounds you need to make with your body. Perhaps stop and practise these sounds before you play the song. Have fun!

Listen to this ‘t’ song. Can you say it just like Andy and Ben? – don’t say ‘tuh’!

Can you find 3 things in your house that start with a ‘t’ sound?

Can you ‘t t t tea party’ with your teddies? Make sure they all have a pretend cup of tea and some treats!


Tuesday  Let’s go on a shape hunt! 

Listen to this shape song: to learn about shapes.  There are so many amazing shapes but can you particularly remember circle, square, triangle, rectangle?

Now go on a shape hunt outside on a walk with your family or inside your own home! See what shapes you can find. Such as a circle like car tyre, or a rectangle like a television.  

You could draw the shapes you have found or take a photo of them. 

Ask your parents to send a picture of your drawings or photos to us, we would love to see what shapes you found! 




Wednesday Lets explore Spring!

  • The weather is finally warming up so why not go on a spring hunt together. Can you find as many signs of things starting to grow as you can? New shoots, buds snowdrops – what will you find?
  • Could you have a spring clear out with Jo Jo and Gran Gran?[Discovery_Cards]-[Multi_Site]-[SL09]-[PS_IPLAYER~N~~P_JojoGranGranSpringClean]


Thursday World Book Day! -  ‘Share a story’

  • Build a cosy reading den eg you could drape a quilt or sheet over chairs /sofa, add in a cushion and some teddies, maybe fairy lights if you want to make it twinkly (and it’s safe to do!).
  • Find your favourite story book and share it with someone in your family. Could you read it to an adult and be teacher?
  • Can you make something to do with that story eg can you make dinner for the very hungry caterpillar? – Maybe a fruity kebab? Could you make a paper hat (band of paper around your little one’s head) and draw the characters on it?
  • Ask your family if they can make up a simple hunt for you. Before you read a particular story they can give you 4 things to hunt for as you read the pages. Or they could make you hunt for actual items around your home linked to the story. Goldilocks and the 3 bears would be a good one and they could ask you to find 3 spoons/ bowls/ small chair etc.
  • Dont forget a bedtime story read to you by your adult is the best story but we also have the teachers reading lots of stories on instagram at @cbcbedtimestories. The account will have to be closed soon so dont forget to find your favourites.


Friday ‘Lets think about feeling worried’

  • It’s good for us to talk about our feelings and with coming back to Nursery (or even starting with us) next week you might be feeling worried about it so we want you to talk to your family. Talking about our worries will make us feel better.
  • Watch Ben and Breagha and find out how they make themselves feel better when they are worried :
  • Can you draw a picture about what you think will happen on your first day back in Nursery? Can you draw your friends? Maybe you’ll draw your favourite toy, maybe even the scooters!


We are so excited that we will all be together again soon and we'll have some brand new friends to play with. The teachers are getting ready, planning lots of fun and games, and you can get ready by having some early nights, eating lots of fruit and vegetables so you are strong and healthy and ready to play. Can you also remember our Nursery rules, the ones we always follow so we have a great time in school?

  • We listen to everyone.
  • We always try our best
  • We are kind
  • We walk inside Nursery.
  • We use our quieter voices inside.
  • We look after everything.


Have a lovely last week of home learning. We can’t wait to see you soon.

Mrs Jaworski and Mrs White x




Something extra?

Weekly Wellbeing Online Singing/Dancing Sessions 

Every Thursday at 9:15 – 9:45, all children, either at home or at school will participate in a weekly wellbeing online singing and dancing session. These will be led by Amasing’s Musical Director Andrew smith and Keppy Stevens from House of Dance. The sessions consist of warm up games/ songs/dances and will cover a range of different music. The link for this session will be sent to you each week via email or on spider as work set for that day.  

Extra songs

Patty Shakula has a lovely range of movement and dancing songs which we often share in Nursery. Have a listen and a dance here:


Learning about feelings

  •  During lockdown or at anytime, it is normal for your little one (and everyone) to experience many different feelings. Below is a link to clips that will help your child begin to understand feelings and ways they can cope with them. They are a lovely way for you both to chat about feelings and maybe share how you deal with your feelings too.


The children love these games and it is great practise for your little one to practise recognising numbers, and matching amounts, as well as counting carefully.


Try writing the first 3 letters and then extend gradually as your child becomes more confident. Please remember in Nursery we only put a capital letter at the start of their name and the following letters are all lower case eg  ‘Matas’ not ‘MATAS’.


  • 'Nature Detectives' A great website with lots of fun ideas of how to learn from nature. Please copy the link below 




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