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Welcome to Reception! 

On this page we will let you know what your child is learning about in school and give you ideas for ways to help at home. We continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and if you want to know more about how and what your child will be learning, please click on this link: Parents guide to the EYFS

After a lovely week settling back and getting into our routines again this week we will be:

Sharing the story of 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson. A lovely story about adventures, making friends, taking risks and helping each other, why not share the story at home together? Click here to watch.

Linked to the story we will be using different media to draw spirals like the snail shell. We will try out pastels, crayons, paint and other resources.

Every week we do a session called 'Big Write'. We will sit down together and talk about our book of the week and have to write about an aspect of it. This week we will be writing about how we would save the whale in the story. Before we go off to write, our teacher will model how they will do their writing first and remind us how to chop up words to hear the sounds to write. We will look at any tricky words we need to spell and then we go off and write independently  but we must read our work to an adult and we usually earn a star in the window for trying super hard.

Maths will focus on symmetry and shapes. At the creative tables we will be painting on 1 half of a piece of paper and folding it over to create a symmetrical pattern or picture. At the snack table we will be describing shapes to a friend for them to guess what it is. We will have to say whether the shape has straight sides, curves, points or corners and what real life object it can be seen on if we can think of one!

Here is a great shape song to spot them on real life objects:Pancake manor shape song. Perhaps you could go on a shape walk to spot shapes like in the song.

Outside we will have a long jump challenge. Now the weather is getting colder we are planning more active challenges outside so the children do not get cold having to stand still for too long. This week they will be estimating how far they can jump and then actually seeing if their guess was right. Hopefully this will encourage some long/short vocabulary but also builds on estimation games we played last week. They could have a try at estimating at home by for example, guessing how many chips they have for tea, how many socks in a pile or how many points they could score in a game they play.

PE kits are needed for this half term's focus on ball skills. Last week we began practising our throwing and catching skills and the children did a great job and loved the games we played.

Dont forget that reading books are changed on Mondays and Thursdays, but only if your child has had a few practises at home. Please write a quick note or initial in the Reading Record Book, each time the book has been read. Well done to those children doing lots of reading at home and earning certificates - it really shows who is doing lots of practise and is making a big difference to their learning.

Bedtime story books can be changed anytime during the school day - just remind your child to do this.

Have a great week

The Reception Team smiley




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