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Welcome to Reception! 

On this page we will let you know what your child is learning about in school and give you ideas for ways to help at home. We continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and if you want to know more about how and what your child will be learning, please click on this link: Parents guide to the EYFS

During our learning this week we will be:

sharing the story 'Goldilocks and the three bears'. The children have told us they love it and as we read it we will be talking about the good/bad choices that Goldilocks makes and what we would do instead. Why not share the story at home by clicking here Goldilocks on Youtube

writing upside down! We love to try creative ways to write to encourage all our children to love mark making and this is going down a treat. We have taped paper under a table and the children lie down on cushions and draw on the paper. Dont worry though, we have xplained they mustn't write on the furniture just the paper.

going on our special word walk around our playground. We continue to reinforce prepositional words eg in/on/under/behind/between etc by encouraging the children to read flashcards on our fence. At each stop they need to build somethingto be able to show that preposition eg for 'behind' they need to build something they can hide behind.

Shairing and taking turns When children start Reception it is very different from Nursery in terms of there being a lot more children in their class. We have set up 'diggerland', a very popular play space where the children need to share resources and remember to ask for things and play together. They will be learning to have a turn and then give up a toy so someone else can have a turn.

Decorating bears in different ways. Children will be selecting their own collage materials or printing with new objects such as forks to make their bear.

Dancing - Every day after register we do 'Wake up shake up' to get our brains ready for listening and learning at carpet time. We currently love being 'Gummy Bears'! Why not have a try at home Gummy bear dance

Exploring our school. We want the children to know that they are part of a whole school family and this means we will be going all around - upstairs and down finding out who helps us in school, how the big children do their learning and visiting classes.




Thankyou to those families who have already sent in their child with a labelled PE kit , labelled book bag and labelled wellies for muddy play.  PE day is Thursday.

Reading books - we are so pleased that the children are enjoying their reading books and starting to learn the words in them. They have loved showing us what they can do. We change books on Thursday and Monday so they have a few nights to practise the new words and build on their learning. Unfortunately one read is not enough and there are tips on what to do in their yellow reading diary. If there are no comments in your child's reading diary we will presume they have not read yet and will not change their book. Don't feel like you have to write a lot, just a few words about if they tried to read the words, enjoyed the story etc is all it takes. Thankyou in advance for your help with this.

Here is the link to a short video giving you ideas of how to support your child with reading at home Little learners :helping your child to read at home

We will be starting the Reception Baseline assessment. We aim to make it fun and to use the information to help us plan what your child needs to learn next. We have given out letters explaining what it is - if you did not get one please let a member of staff know. You can watch a short video about it here Reception Baseline Assessment - information for parents.


If you have any other questions or worries please talk to a member of staff who will be happy to help.

Have a great week smiley

The Reception Team 




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