Reception 2019 - 2020

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Welcome to Reception! 

On this page we will let you know what your child is learning about in school and give you ideas for ways to help at home. We continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and if you want to know more about how and what your child will be learning, please click on this link: Parents guide to the EYFS

This week we are:

sharing the story 'How to catch a star' It ties in with a current mini theme looking at light and dark. Why not share the story here:  How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers

writing the names of nocturnal animals. Children need to write 4 animals that they find outside to earn a challenge stick.

continuing to learn our lettersounds! So far we have learnt s,a,t,p,i,n,o,m,d and g. We learn the jolly phonics song for each letter and play games with letters, sorting them, matching to objects, blending letters to read 3 letter words and lots more. You can hear the jolly phonics songs and also find out what a 'schwa' is! : All about Jolly phonics and the songs YT

Counting carefully and adding 2 numbers together using dominoes. We will be asking the children to match dominoes to the correct number card according to their spots. For more of a challenge children can choose 2 dominoes to add together and then find the matching number card.

learning more tricky words by aiming at them with different sized balls and naming those we hit.

estimating! We have a 'guess the number of objects jar' and children must record their name and their guess to see who is closest at the end of each day

sorting objects and pictures of things which give us light. We will be encouraging the children think if they actually have light coming out of them or if they reflect light from somewhere else. Why not have a 'light hunt' at home and send in a list of things that you and your child found for a star in the window!

making our own versions of Van gogh's Starry Night. We will be particularly focussing on colours and the swirling movements as we paint on foil. Why not enjoy an animation of the picture here.


This week we are asking the children to complete 4 challenge stick activities. They stay the same for 5 days (new challenges every monday) so they can get better at those particular skills each day. At 4/5 years old the best way to learn is to practise and 'do' regularly as having a try once will not make it stick in their brain as easily. Please support us by asking your child how they got on with their challenge sticks and if they were hard/ easy and what they could do better tomorrow.




Thankyou to all the families who joined us for 'Stay and Play' last week - 48 in total which we are super pleased with and of course the children had such a great time with you all.smiley

Here is a link to a great video which we showed at the reading meeting (after the stay and play session) about using phonics when reading with your child : Helping your child to read using phonics

The Reception Team 

PS Our Reception Nativity is at 2pm on the 12th December so time off and tissues at the ready!




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