Year 2 2021 - 2022

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Miss Lester

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Hello and Welcome to Year 2 

Important Dates

Parents' Evenings - Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st October 

School closes for the Autumn half term holiday on Friday 22nd October 2021.  

The children will return to school on Tuesday 2nd November 2021.


Holiday History Project

Dear Children and Parents/ Carers,


We are going to have a History Day after the half term holiday.

When we learn about history, we look back at things that happened in the past. 

We often look at timelines in history that show the order of important events.

Here is a timeline about the history of Space exploration: 


You can also have timeline for individuals.  Here is Tiny the turtle’s timeline.  He will live until he is 100, so his timeline is not finished yet!


Your holiday homework is to make a timeline for your own life.personal timeline.png

You could use the blank timeline - this is attached below and a paper copy will be sent home this week.  Alternatively, you could make your own timeline with drawings, pictures or photos.  (Don’t worry if you don’t have exact dates!  The focus is talking about the past and reflecting on how you have changed over time.)

Perhaps you could even look to the future and imagine what you might do when you’re all grown up!

Please bring your timeline into school on the first day back, or email it to your teacher before the end of the holiday.

If you want to explore timelines any further, you could follow these links:

Chronological Order

Childhood Through Time


Contact Us

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We are always happy to have a chat before or after school.

You can also email us:

2SL -

2MW -




The children have 2 PE lessons per week - every Tuesday & Thursday.

On PE days, children should come to school in:

>trainers/ pumps

>black or blue shorts/ leggings/ jogging pants

>a white tshirt

>a sweatshirt/ hoodie

Long hair should be tied back and earrings should be removed if possible.

The Curriculum

Please open the curriculum map below to see what your child will be learning during the Autumn term. 

In maths, we have been learning about tens and ones and the place value of two-digit numbers.  The children will learn to order and compare 2-digit numbers and to use their knowledge to solve problems.  After half term we will start work on addition and subtraction.

This term in science, we are learning about animals and their habitats, with a focus on woodland habitats.  You will find below a list of key words that the children will be learning during this topic.  Please put these words on your fridge and chat about their meaning.  If you speak a language other than English at home, it is a good idea to translate these words into the language you use.  




Please prioritise listening to your child read their banded reading book at least four times a week.  Children also benefit greatly from listening to adults and older children read stories to them, so snuggle up and enjoy books together.  These videos from the Open University give top tips on how to share books with your child:

Reading Tips #1

Reading Tips #2


Please help your child to rehearse number bonds, double and halves on these websites -

Hit the Button

Curious George

You could also play memory games/ snap with the cards attached below.

Many children like to learn by singing maths songs - a favourite YouTube channel in school is Jack Hartmann - we challenge you to watch without swaying your hips!

Jack Hartmann

Spelling and Phonics

You can find below a list of 'common exception' words for Years 1 and 2.  These are words that the children may not be able to use their phonic knowledge to spell.  They are words that tend to crop up regularly when they are writing and so it is helpful if the children learn how to spell them.  We have attached below some ideas for practising spellings with your child.  We will regularly update you with the words your child is still to learn.

If you need any help printing out resources, please speak to a member of the Y2 team.

Below are links to games that support practising reading real and alien words containing split digraphs:

For each game, select phase 5 and the split digraph you would like to work on.

The website below has more information about phonics and games to play. Choose phase 3 4 or 5 to consolidate your child’s learning.

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