Year 2 2020 - 2021

Mrs Siddall

Miss Lester

Mrs Wilkinson

Mrs Martinez

Hello and welcome to the Summer Term.

The Year 2 Curriculum Map for this term is attached below.

My Happy Mind

The children in Year 2 have been starting each day with a My Happy Mind session.

As we are a My Happy Mind school, you can download their app for free and follow the programme at home.  Search ‘My Happy Mind Parent’ or click on these links:




What do the children learn? 


First they learnt about their brains and the three key parts:

  1. Hippocampus - stores memories
  2. Amygdala - helps us to react to danger
  3. Prefrontal cortex - helps us to make decisions and solve problems

We have been amazed at how the children have understood these concepts!

The children learnt that we are at our best when these three parts work together.  If the amygdala takes over, we get over stressed and the other parts of the brain shut down.  We can't think straight, stay calm or concentrate. When this happens, we can bring balance to our brain using HAPPY BREATHING.  

Happy Breathing

Happy breathing helps us to relax and feel calm.

If you would like to practise Happy Breathing at home, there are some scripts to follow and some resources attached below.

Other resources:

These videos may be helpful:

Five Finger Breathing:

Count your breaths:

You may also enjoy exploring this free app:

If relaxing sounds can help your child to feel calm, this link could be useful:


Module 2 - CELEBRATE

Next the children were encouraged to celebrate their CHARACTER STRENGTHS.  If children can spot their strengths, they can feel good about themselves and this boosts their self esteem.  They also started to recognise and praise other people's character strengths.  They were also able to recognise that different people have different strengths.

  • Love and Kindness
  • Teamwork and Friendship
  • Bravery and Honesty
  • Exploring and Learning
  • Love of Life and our World



In the next module, the children learnt about the importance of gratitude. Taking time each day to be thankful improves our mental wellbeing.  The children were encouraged to appreciate three things - 

  1. Themselves
  2. Other people
  3. Experiences

We explored that when you show gratitude to other people, you make them happy and this in turn makes you happy.  The children agreed this is a 'win win' situation!  By focusing on the positive, the children can be calmer and happier. We have set some optional homework to encourage the children to practise this ‘gratitude attitude’ at home with you.  This homework can be found below.

These videos may help:

Being grateful:

Appreciate yourself:

Module 4 - RELATE

In the RELATE module, the children find ways to communicate well with and listen to other people.  They find out how to express their emotions and points of view in an effective way.


Module 5 - ENGAGE

In the final module, the children set goals for themselves and plan how they will achieve those goals.  The goals are personal to individual children.  One child may aim to learn how to tie their shoe laces, one may aim to cross the monkey bars by themselves and another may aim to learn the 3 times tables. By thinking of a goal and working towards it over time, children can become focused and can feel proud of themselves when they achieve their goal. Below is attached a sheet for planning a goal at home.

Want to learn more?  Explore these mindfulness activities from the Anne Freud National Centre for Children and Families: 5 Mindfulness Activities


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