Plans for September

 14th July 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Plans for September 2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic develops, the situation for schools continues to change. We have put together our plans for how school will look in September and outlined the key points for you below. Please remember that these plans are subject to change depending on how the situation continues to develop. For the most things, the approach is that school will be back to normal as far as possible, with only necessary changes being made. The changes build on what we have learnt during lockdown and the safety and hygiene practices in place. The arrangements in this letter take priority over any previous information you have had.


Attendance and Behaviour

School will be running as normal and all children must attend as normal. We expect you to phone each day if your child is not in school with the reason for absence. Children on the shielded patient list can also return to school, as can children with family members who are shielding.  Fixed Penalty Notices (fines) will be issued in certain cases as normal. If a member of your family is suspected of having Covid-19 then we expect the child to be kept at home, a test taken as soon as possible and the results given to us. During lockdown we have introduced new behaviour expectations for this new situation. All children will be made aware of these on return and there is a copy on the website for you to see. Some children may find the return to school difficult so we will work closely with you to support them.


Teaching and classes

All children will be back to school as normal, including our new starters in Nursery and Reception who have a period of induction. They will be taught in their classroom as normal. We will treat a whole year group as one bubble. This means we can deliver the best provision to meet the needs of our children, while making sure that we can separate bubbles sensibly inside school. It also means all the children in a year group can play together with their friends. We will be able to support individuals and groups of children, though adults will need to maintain a safe distance.


Safety and Hygiene

We will continue with our routines for safe movement around school, regular handwashing and toileting. There will be no assemblies or large gatherings, and no clubs before or after school. The school office will continue to be out of use for parents so please report to the window outside. If there is a suspected case of Covid-19 among the staff or adults in school, then we require a test to be taken and the results given to us as soon as possible so we can take appropriate action. We will use the NHS Test and Trace system and take advice from the local health protection team if there is a confirmed case. If we have two or more confirmed cases within 14 days, or an overall rise in sickness absence where the coronavirus (COVID-19) is suspected, it may be an outbreak, and the school will take further advice. In



some cases, a larger number of other pupils will be asked to self-isolate at home. This could be a particular year group or larger groups.


Keeping bubbles apart

There are a number of changes in order to do this. There will be a staggered start and end to the day, with children arriving and leaving at different times. If you have children in different year groups, please choose an appropriate time when you can drop them off together.

Morning routine

8:30 Y5/6 arrive – Y6 go in through their door. Y5 through the Y3/4 doors.

8:45 Y3/ 4 arrive – Y3 go through their door. Y4 through the main door to the playground.

8:45 EYFS/KS1 - go straight into rooms, YR can use play area entrances too.

Afternoon routine

2:55 Y5/6 - out the same door they came in

3:10 Y3/4 – out the same door they came in.

3:10 EYFS/KS1 – out of class doors

There will also be staggered playtimes and lunchtimes, with separate play areas to keep year groups separate. Children will be able to choose to have a school dinner or packed lunch. Children in Key Stage 2 will still have the option to buy a snack at morning playtime.



Uniform will return to normal and we expect children to wear uniform each day. You will still need to make sure that clothes are cleanly washed for each new day, which will mean daily cleaning of uniform if you do not have more than one set of uniform. It also means that any PE/Games kit will need to be brought to school on the right day, then taken home that day for washing. If there are any issues with this then please contact us.


Buddies will be offering before and after school care every day using the hall in the main building. Please contact them if you wish to book a place; or 07976 455562


These changes are necessary to maintain the safety of our children and adults in school. We will continue to take advice and guidance about the situation, making any changes necessary to make sure that safety measures in school are the best they can be. We will place any updated information on our website and Twitter feed, so please keep an eye out for those. If you have any further questions then please contact us.


Our best wishes for a safe and happy return to school in September,


Yours truly,


V O’Brien and M Hover

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