Returning to School on 22nd June

16th June 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Return to School

We are now returning to school on Monday 22nd June for children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, as well as children of Key Workers and vulnerable families. Please read all the following arrangements carefully.


What do I need to do before my child returns to school?

You need to let us know you need a place first. Our plans are only for children whose families have said that they are definitely returning. You will then be contacted saying which classroom your child will be working in. You must not bring your child to school unless we have agreed to have a place ready for them. If you wish your child to return to school, then we will need at least two days’ notice as we will need to make sure there is enough space and staff for them. 


What are the new morning routines?

At home - Your child can only come to school if nobody in their home is showing symptoms, they are not vulnerable with an underlying condition or your household is not self-isolating.

Your child will need a fresh set of clothes each day, which can be school uniform or other clothes. The clothes they wear to school must be cleaned before they wear them to school again. It is best to wear trainers all day as they will spend as much time as possible outdoors. They may be doing art and craft activities so it is advised not to wear any best clothing.

Your child will need to bring a packed lunch, snack, water bottle and coat or sun protection. They do not need bring anything else, so no bag or rucksack.

We will provide a packed lunch for any child who is eligible for free school meals, including Reception and Year 1.

Any sun protection will need to be applied before they come to school, or by the child during the day, as staff will not be applying any to the children during the day.

At school - Only one adult can come to school with a child.

There will be no crossing patrol on the junction of Walpole St and Bouverie St.

You can only come on site using the Walpole St entrance and leave using the Bouverie St path. The Cheyney Rd entrance will be closed.

You can drop off your child at these times;

8:30 – 8:50am - Y6, Y1, Key Worker/Vulnerable children

9:00 – 9:20am - YN and YR

This is where to drop your child off;

Y6 – Year 6 door

Children of Key Worker and vulnerable families – Year 3 door

Y1 – Year 2 classroom doors

YR - Reception gate or Year 1 classroom door

YN – The bottom Nursery building


Year 6 children only – these children can arrive and leave school without an adult. You will need to tell them to queue and socially distance at the gate. If they need their phone for safety, this will be kept in school for the day.

Children will wash their hands on arrival and regularly through the day.

There are no before or after school clubs.


What will the day in school be like?

It will not be like the school you left in March. The changes are fundamental to the way school runs.

Your child will be placed in a group of about 10 children – a “bubble”. We cannot fit any more children than this in one classroom or space. Children will spend all their time with the same bubble and not mix with any other children from other groups, at class or play time.

They will not always be taught by their normal class teachers.

Every child in Years 1-6 will have their own space (at least 2m away from any other child) and equipment to use, not sharing these with other children. They will keep all their equipment with them in their space.

We will find a way for children to use reading books safely.

Year 6 will be in the Year 6 classrooms.

Key Worker and vulnerable children will be in the Year 3/4 classrooms. Children of Key Workers and Vulnerable families in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be with their own year group from their start date.

Year 1 will be in the Year 2 classrooms.

Reception will be in the Reception and Year 1 classrooms.

Nursery children will be in the bottom Nursery.

For children in Nursery and Reception, we expect children to play together and share. They will not share equipment with other bubbles.

Each bubble will have lots of time outdoors and for play, in their own space, but not with children from another bubble. Any game that involves shared equipment or touching cannot be played (eg tag, football). The climbing and play equipment will be out of use.

The children will do a variety of activities as normal, but our ability to support them and mark their work individually is limited.


What other safety measures are in place at school?

Doors and windows will be opened where possible during the day.

When a child needs the toilet, they will be taken by an adult to ensure cleanliness.

Corridors and stairs will have systems clearly marked to maintain social distancing.

Children will be encouraged to sneeze and cough into their elbow or a tissue.

Children will be encouraged to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.

Tissues and paper towels will be disposed of in a sealed bin (no use of hand dryers).

Staff will have the option of wearing appropriate PPE to protect themselves.


There is no snack for sale at morning play.

There will be no assemblies or large group meetings or gatherings.

The number of adults and visitors in school will be kept to a minimum.

The school will be cleaned during each day and at the end of each day.

Visitors to the office will queue outside the window of the office before being seen. Please phone or email instead where possible.


What happens if a child is ill or shows symptoms during the school day?

Any child who is ill or showing symptoms during the day will be taken to an isolation room and the family called to take them home. The child with symptoms must be taken for a medical assessment and the school informed of the result as soon as possible. All families of children in the same bubble will be informed and if the child is tested positive for Coronavirus, then all the children and staff in the bubble will be told to self-isolate for 14 days and will not come to school. If a member of staff shows symptoms, they must be tested and if positive, the bubble they work with will be informed to self-isolate.


What are the pick up routines?

Only one adult can come to school to collect a child. All the normal entrances will be open, including the Cheyney Road entrance. Adults will be able to wait on the playground to collect their child. Adults will be required to manage social distancing at this time.

You can collect your child at these times;

YN and YR - 2:45pm

Y6, Y1, Key Worker and Vulnerable children - 3:15pm

Pick up from these places;

Year 6 - Year 6 door.

Key Worker and vulnerable children - Year 3 door.

Year 1 - Year 2 classroom doors.

Reception - Reception or Year 1 doors.

Nursery children from the bottom Nursery.

Year 6 children can leave school on their own if they have written permission.

If you have children leaving at different times, please contact us and we will arrange a time for you to collect both children together.

All families and children will be expected to go home immediately and not spend time on the playgrounds or use any play equipment.

It is sensible for your child to change their clothing and shower or bath on returning home. This will mean you reduce the risks of bringing the virus home. They will need a clean set of clothes (but not footwear) for the next day.





Will school stay open?

We have planned for school to be open with our last day on Thursday 16th July, the end of term. However, we may have to close the school if there are a number of cases of Coronavirus, or we do not have enough staff or cleaning supplies to run the school safely for the children. If we do need to close the school during this period we will let you know via Twitter and email.


Is school safe for my child?

We have put in place all the measures we can to ensure that we can keep our children and community as safe as possible. However, we can offer no guarantees about the safety of your child at school and you will need to make your own decisions about this. All we ask is that you let us know with at least two days’ notice if you intend to send your child back into school during this period.


Are Years 2-5 coming back to school before the summer?

There are no plans to bring these children back to school before the summer holiday. The space in school is limited and we will see if it is possible to get these children into school at some point.


Is there any school during the Summer holidays?

There will be a holiday club at our school for the six weeks of the summer holiday, which you can pay for and take as many weeks as you wish. It is led by Premier Education and the information is on their website;


Yours truly,




V O’Brien

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