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School Council

Welcome to the School Council Page

Your School Councillors are:

Year 1 - Diya and Krish

Year 2 - Saiba and Susie

Year 3 - Marcel and Connor

Year 4 - Max and Susana

Year 5 - Paige and Nadia

Year 6 - Mason and Daniel

They are supported by Mrs. Martinez


School Council Manifesto

We want our school to:

be kind and fair

be happy and inclusive

encourage people to work as a team

help people to be brave

treat people equally

help people to make friends

do the right thing


We want to hear your voice!

Your class councillor will be asking you the following questions:


Would you like the school to organise a dress up/ own clothes/ pyjama day to raise money for the playground?


Would you like the school council to spend the money raised on new football goals?


If not, what playground equipment would you like them to spend money on?


What kind of clubs would you like to see in school?


The minutes from our last meeting can be found below.



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