School Ethos and Values

Our Vision

Chester Blue Coat is a place where our children and their learning come first.

We place children at the centre of all that we do, with a Christian heart that values everyone and celebrates diversity.

We value a rounded education in which we endeavour to foster the essential elements of childhood – curiosity, awe and wonder.

We care about our children and community, striving to create positive relationships in a happy environment where a healthy respect for ourselves and others is promoted.

We have an ethos of openness and honesty at all levels.


Our Aims

To create a safe, secure and welcoming community, centred on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

To foster an expectation of excellent relationships where we respect ourselves and others.

To meet every individual’s social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs so they can grow with integrity and confidence.

To be a committed team who have high expectations and aspirations for each individual, seeking to provide the highest standards of teaching and the highest quality of learning.

To provide a rich and diverse curriculum enhanced by extra-curricular opportunities.


Our Values

We are a Christian school and we guide our pupils towards praying to God, giving thanks, being good friends and living in hope of a peaceful world.

We want all our pupils to be happy and confident, learning from experiences and striving to improve.

We encourage everyone in school to show respect and tolerance towards others.

We work with children to help them to become thoughtful, responsible and law-abiding global citizens. We want our children to become adults who make a positive contribution to their community and the wider world.

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