Teaching & Learning Committee

The Teaching & Learning Committee has the responsibility:

  • To monitor and review pupil and school performance, and attendance
  • To participate in school self-evaluation
  • To assist in the development of, monitor and review the School Improvement Plan
  • To undertake the governing body self review
  • To ensure the National Curriculum is taught to all pupils and to consider any disapplications
  • To set the times of school sessions
  • To prepare the school prospectus for approval by the governing body
  • To ensure provision of free school meals to those pupils meeting criteria
  • To review home-school agreements
  • To discharge duties in respect of pupils with special needs by appointing a “responsible person”
  • To consider curriculum complaints
  • To ensure the safeguarding of children
  • To regularly review the single central record
  • To attend training as appropriate
  • Additional items which the Governing Body may wish to include

The committee members are:

  • Chris Mann (Chair)
  • Jan Tapp
  • Christine Russell
  • Matt Hover
  • Shirley Khalifa
  • Ann Harrop
  • Anna Shaw
  • Paul Brand
  • Erin Elston

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