Rocket Seeds

Date: 20th Apr 2016 @ 6:19pm

Day 1 - Wednesday 20th April 2016

The Year 5 have today sown the Rocket Seeds after their arrival by courier on Monday 18th April.  We received two packets - one red and one blue but do know which packet has been in space with Tim Peake on the International Space Station (ISS).  We are one of over 10,000 schools who are taking part in the scientific investigation organised by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the Uk Space Agency.  The children have become Space Biologists and will be taking care of the seeds, checking for germination, carrying out randomisation and keeping accurate records which we will then pass on to the RHS.  It has been a very exciting afternoon with all children writing labels for the seeds and making sure that only one seed was sown in each pod; it was very tricky because the seeds were tiny!

Day 3 - Friday 22nd April 2016

Three of the seeds have germinated - R47, R95 & B10

Day 6 - Monday 25th April 2016

All trays are showing signs of germination with 70 seedlings in the red trays and 85 seedlings in the blue trays.

Day 15 - Wednesday 4th May 2016

Our seedlings are doing well in BOTH the Blue and Red trays.  We are rotating the trays by 180 degrees each day and checking to see if the soil needs watering.  In the Red trays we have 79 seedlings and in the Blue trays we have 89 seedlings.  Yesterday we removed three of the weeker Red seedlings because two seeds had accidentally been sown into the same pod.  This will enable the stronger seedling to grow healthily.  All seedlings have grown to a similar height. 

Day 24 - Friday 13th May 2016

We continue to rotate the trays 180 degrees every day and water when we feel the soil is dry - we have given each tray 400ml of water today as it is the weekend ahead.  After careful observations, we noticed that 6 of the blue seedlings (5 in Class 5S and one in Class 5B) and 4 of the red seedlings (3 in Class 5B and one in Class 5S) are beginning to resemble rocket leaves.  We have 11 days left of the experiment.

Day 35 - Tuesday 24th May 2016

Our Rocket Science experiment is now complete.  Today we had to calculate the percentage of seedlings still alive in each tray.  Our results show that 90% of the blue seeds are growing well and 72% of the red seeds.  We will send off our chart to the Royal Horticultural Society and they will let us know which seeds were in Space and what they have discovered from the experiment.




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